„Old Varna“ – a folk community center and a museum of old photography

We are located in the heart of one of the symbols of Varna. This is „Old Varna“ – a folk community center and a museum of old photography.

This symbol was completed in 1902. Then here started very good tradition that all the ancient stones excavated, because they were located on the territory of ancient Odessos, were built into the buildings of the new modern European city.

Location: „Old Varna“

Thus, when the fortress of Varna was demolished, the best stones fell into the foundations and into the construction of the Cathedral of the new free country. This applies with many other buildings, including this one, we are located in now. The predominant architectural style at the time was Neo Renaissance.

In addition, Varna has the eclecticism typical of port cities – a variety of styles. In places it looks like London, in places – Paris, in places – New York, because here in the city of Varna, the first skyscraper in Bulgaria was built, which is 6-storey building.

Varna is a diverse city with a lot, a lot, a lot of spirit. And here – in „Old Varna“ lives the spirit of Varna.

The building is built entirely of stone and wood. The most expensive building materials from ancient times to the present day.

„Old Varna“ today is one of the architectural symbols, an architectural and cultural monument of Varna. But not only. It-s a cultural institute that offers in its halls various cultural events, inspired by the architecture from the beginning of the 20th century.

The museum stores more than 6500 units of photographs, maps, documents, books related to the history of Varna and another 3500 from the old cities of Bulgaria.

Here, in these halls, the free lesson on Knowledge about Varna is also held. Children of Varna between the ages of 12 and 18 come here from November 1 to May 20 and learn about the history of the European city’s construction.

The museum supports dozens of films, TV shows and books related to the history of Varna. Here – in „Old Varna“, live the legends of Bulgarian wine. And this is no accident. Because here, 22 years ago, the national wine map in Bulgaria was born. Tourists from all over the world, delegations, guests of the city and of Bulgaria come to see the museum, and then they enjoy the unique Bulgarian wines, as Varna and Bulgaria continue the wine path from Antiquity.

Each wine has a legend and music written specifically for that wine and that legend. Guests can take them around the world and tell their friends what they saw and what they felt from the Spirit of Varna and Bulgaria.



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